The new sequel of Gardenscapes with new idea, new places, new people, Homescapes will be the best choice for casual game and with Homescapes hack tool and cheats, enjoying the game is in your hands with homescapes free gold and homescapes free stars.

After success of Gardenscapes, Playrix is also known as developer and publisher for Gardenscapes launched the sequel Homescapes as the next version for Gardenscapes. This sequel was first launched on July 26th 2017 in Canada. The sad news for Android users that this matching puzzle game is only available on iOS platform.

The story in game is begun by as sweet memory of Austin, the butler, about his family, his parents and his childhood’s home. Therefore, after  finishing his task in previous well-known version, he is going to take a vacation for returning his childhood home. Once he steps in his childhood home, all of his memories is flashbacked in his mind. However, he will begin his butler job in his own house with helping from you and of course, your creativity for decoration his house to blow brand new breeze in his house. As its names, Homescape is puzzle game for decorating house for Austin’s childhood home and his parents.

As you know, this is the sequel of Gardenscapes so the gameplay style of Homescapes is similar. It is also matching 3 puzzle with several changes function for L and T shapes puzzle and 5 gems in row. The main different is easily recognize that you have to match the gems not the fruits anymore. Therefore, many Homescapes players are willing to use the Homescapes hack tool for advancing the deeper content of this game beside the hack tool, you can find homescapes cheats on the internet and we offer you hack tools and cheat for this game right below this writing.

Homescape hack tools for unlimited homescapes free gold coins

The gamestyle is similar to the previous version; however, the level is very hard even at the level 1 because of the new changes for matching gems. Therefore, the giving limited step is not enough for your gaming process and you will find it is very annoying when you want to continue without paying gold or cash for life. Thus, this hack tool is the solution for those problem for anyone who want to do everything is free.

This homescapes hack tool is web-based program that means you don’t to download or installment on your device. Follow several following instruction for using this hack tool for earning infinity homescapes free gold coins and stars as much as you wish:

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To sum up, this hack tool is very easy to use and it is suitable for newbie and for anyone who want to advance the story without waiting for regenation of heart which is acted like energy in this game same as with the previous sequel.

Enjoying the gold coins and gaming without interrupting with homescapes hack tool. Feel free to repeat all those step for earning more gold coins and homescapes free stars.

NOTE: Repeating from the beginning, if you don’t get the gold coins and stars.

Homescapes cheats for homescapes free stars

With the homescapes cheat of this game, you can find this game will be easy to complete with unlimited power booster and increasing the chance of getting the 5 gems in rows more than normally.

The way of using this cheat is much more complex than the hack tool. Therefore, if you find it hard to use, you can try the hack tool. Following is the simply imstruction for anyone to follow as much as it can:

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  • Sixth, opening the game again for enjoying the cheat which is activated for your game.

NOTE: If you want to find more homescapes cheats, you have to access the link for finding more cheats that you want to use. In addition, be careful of downloading homescapes cheats on the internet, some websites are using it for hacking your information and sending you some harmful software such as virus, malware, etc. You don’t have to worry about our homescapes cheat due to the informative safety, we have been tested it clearly before publishing it.

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